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Client : Appliance Company in Scottsdale, AZ
Info : Quartzite countertop repair

Oops! Quartzite Countertop Damage

An appliance company contacted us for quartzite countertop repair services after a mishap. When they delivered an oven to homeowners in Scottsdale, Arizona, they accidentally broke the corner off of a lovely quartzite countertop. The appliance company technicians, who were worried that the company would have to replace the countertop, were very relieved when we told them we could repair it.

About Quartzite Countertop Repair

Quartzite countertop repair can be tricky. Anyone lacking the expertise or proper tools to handle quartzite repairs will have a hard time achieving satisfactory results. We have plenty of experience working with this material.

We used a mild, pH-neutral cleaner to clean the area.

Unfortunately, the piece of broken countertop was not available to us. We had to build out the corner from scratch with an epoxy material specially designed for professional repairs. After allowing adequate cure time, we proceeded with the finishing touches.

We used coarse diamond abrasives to hone the quartzite at the repair site. Then we used finer grit diamond pads and polishing powders achieve the same level of polish as the surrounding quartzite.

The appliance company was grateful that we were able to come to the rescue and help them avoid a costly quartzite countertop replacement.

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