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Client : Installer in Scottsdale, AZ
Info : Quartzite countertop honed and polished

Installers Damage Quartzite Finish

Countertop installers in Scottsdale, Arizona contacted us after they accidentally caused damage to a new quartzite countertop. When the light hit the surface of the quartzite at certain angles, dull spots were apparent on the glass-like finish. There were also unsightly marks left by epoxy, a heavy duty bonding adhesive that is notoriously difficult to remove.

Our Quartzite Countertop Restoration Process

We always begin our restoration work by masking and protecting the surfaces surrounding our work area.

Quartzite is not as delicate as marble, so it takes a little more time and effort to hone and polish. We began with coarse diamond abrasives to hone the quartzite. Our honing process virtually erased the dull spots and removed the epoxy stains, resulting in a new quartzite surface free of damage. We used finer grit diamond pads and polishing powders to polish the quartzite. Our polishing process ensured that the finish of the previously damaged areas perfectly matched the pristine finish of the undamaged areas.

The installer was so relieved that our expert technicians were able to achieve the exact finish so that no evidence of stains or damage could be detected.

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