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Client : Family in Glendale, AZ
Info : Granite headstone restoration, engraved lettering touched up

Memorial Exposed to the Elements, Engravings Obscured

The Lunde family contacted us to schedule granite headstone restoration services for the headstone of a beloved wife and mother who had passed in 2004. Many families choose the serene grounds of Arrowhead Gardens in Glendale, Arizona as the final resting place of loved ones.

The appearance of granite memorials exposed to the elements, inevitably becomes diminished over time in this and any Arizona cemetery. Unsightly calcium deposits tend to form on and around engravings, and headstone images fade. Professional restoration can undo this type of noticeable damage.

Our Granite Headstone Restoration Process

We applied professional-grade solutions to the surface of the granite, allowing enough dwell time for the products to soften the stubborn calcium deposits. This helped preserve the integrity of the stone by minimizing the need for more aggressive cleaning methods. We used a soft brush to meticulously clean the stone and repeated the process until we achieved the desired results.

To restore the engraved letters to their former condition, we used Lithichrome Stone Paint, a professional product designed specifically for enhancing the visibility and clarity of letters engraved in stone.

It was a privilege to undertake this project for the Lunde family.

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