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Client : Family in Glendale, AZ
Info : Granite calcium deposits removed and inscriptions painted

Memorials Declined in Appearance Over Time

The La Rue family wanted to restore the beauty of a cherished headstone and memorial stone in Arrowhead Gardens, Glendale, Arizona. The beauty of the granite had become diminished with thick calcium deposits. The legibility of the engraved letters that had become severely obscured by UV exposure.

Our Granite and Engraving Restoration Process

First, we used specialized professional solutions to deep clean each piece, removing the stubborn calcium deposits and restoring the original appearance of the surfaces. We were very careful to not cause damage to the stone.

To restore the legibility and appearance of the engraved letters, we decided to use Lithichrome Stone Paint, a product composed of sunlight-resistant pigments and resins. This precision restoration process helped restore the brightness and readability of the engraved tributes on each stone.

We were honored to be chosen for this very special project, and it was our pleasure to help preserve the sentimental value of the headstone and memorial stone for the La Rue family.

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