Tile and Grout Installation, Cleaning, Sealing and Color Sealing

Porcelain and Ceramic Tile & Grout

Tile is an incredibly practical, resilient, and elegant material. We provide full service tile installation, as well as cleaning, restoration and protection of porcelain and ceramic tile and grout to residential and commercial clients throughout Arizona.

Not as Simple as it sounds

There is no “norm” to tile. It is definitely not a one size fits all product. There are endless colors, shapes, patterns, designs, materials and uses for tile, plus, not every type of tile should be used for every project.  Tile projects can be inside or outside, on the floor, patio, countertop, pool surround, walls and numerous other surfaces.

There can be a simplicity to a tile project like a one color subway tile backsplash or  colors, sizes and styles can be mixed and matched to form intricate patterns. 

Another thing to consider in a tile installation is the grout. Here again, there is more than one kind of grout and not every grout is acceptable for every project. Some types of grout are better in wet areas while others are better for floors and other indoor areas. Something else to consider about grout is whether you want it to blend with the tile or do you want contrasting grout so it pops. 

Tile and grout is certainly not as simple as it sounds.  


tile and grout installation, cleaning, sealing and color sealing

Our Services

Tile Installation

Installing tile properly requires precision skills. Fortunately the expert installation team at Beyond Stone Solutions is well-equipped to get the job done.

With ceramic or porcelain tile and grout,  proper installation is essential for floors and surfaces to stay looking great and free of cracks, and other signs of deterioration. With years of knowledge and experience, we create impressive, durable installations you can enjoy for many years to come.

We are trusted experts throughout Arizona for interior and exterior tile and grout installation. Whether it’s ceramic or porcelain tile in a small residential kitchen or a large commercial lobby, Beyond Stone Solutions are your tile experts.

Decisions, Decisions...

Tile is versatile and can enhance any project, big or small. Just deciding on tile isn’t enough. There are a numerous ins and outs to tile and grout. Type of tile, size, color, grout type and color are just a few of the factors that go into tile and grout decisions. Beyond Stone Solutions has the expertise and knowledge to help you navigate through all the choices and decisions needed to make sure your tile project will exceed your expectations and remain beautiful for years to come. 

Tile & Grout restoration

Your tile and grout can be restored to like new and protected to make follow-up cleaning effective and easy!

Deep Cleaning and sanitizing

Tile cleaning processes vary based on the surface condition, type of tile, and type of dirt or oil being removed. Tile is easier to keep clean with periodic professional deep cleaning services using professional and highly effective cleaning solutions. 

Grout Sealing and Color Sealing

Sealing is often associated with natural stone tile, but the truth is, a lot of other types of tile need to be sealed. (And the grout too.) Sealing not only helps to prevent stains, but makes clean up a little easier as well. Grime and water can seep into the nooks and crannies of unsealed tile and cause breakage and discoloration. 

Beyond Stone Solutions has multiple sealing options available, depending on the type of tile and the location of the project. 

Tile Replacement

If a tile becomes cracked or damaged, Beyond Stone Solutions craftsmen can remove your affected tile without damaging neighboring tiles, and install the new tile.


Grout color sealing color options
Marble cleaning

Cleaning & Care
of Stone and Tile

  • Always use a stone/tile safe cleaner on your tile surfaces. CONTACT US or visit our ON-LINE STORE for recommended cleaners.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners.
  • Wipe up spills as soon as possible.
  • For tile countertops, use a cutting board for food prep.
  • Be sure to reseal your grout as needed.
  • Refer to our STONE AND TILE CARE GUIDE under the Caring For It tab for more info.

If you have questions about the care and cleaning of your tile and grout surfaces, please CONTACT US.

How Can We Help You

To discuss your project, or to request a free estimate on porcelain or ceramic tile installation, cleaning, sealing and protecting, grout color sealing or any other natural stone or tile services throughout Arizona, use our CONTACT FORM or call (6O2) 830-5861 today!