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Sandblasting or Media Blasting?

While most people are familiar with the term sandblasting in Phoenix, not as many are familiar with the term media blasting. There was a time when sandblasting was the accepted way to remove an undesired surface treatment such as paint, sealer, graffiti, limescale, or stain. But then it was discovered that the silica sand used in sandblasting was hazardous and, in some cases, toxic to the people involved in the process. And, if the sand contained quartz, the risk grows even higher.

Sandblasting has given way to media blasting. The premise of media blasting is like sandblasting, except without sand. A blasting material is directed, with force, (up to 375cfm) at the surface to wear away what needs to be removed. Depending on the surface that needs to be blasted and the material that needs to be removed, i.e., rust, limescale, grease, paint, etc., there are many different types of blasting material that can be used. Some blasting medias are even biodegradable.

With media blasting, the blasting material and blast speed is determined by several different things:

  • What is the material being blasted? Pavers, tile, natural stone, etc.
  • What needs to be removed? Dirt, paint, limescale, rust, grease, soot or fire damage, stain, etc.
  • What is the desired end result? Just cleaning, surface treatment removal, mold, limestone or algae removal, or surface etching.
media blasting

Not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

At Beyond Stone Solutions we know that not every blast media is good for every situation.

  • Glass beads can achieve a smooth, shiny finish. They are commonly used for pool limescale and calcium buildup.
  • Aluminum oxide is generally used to remove paint.
  • Plastic is good for fiberglass surfaces and parts.
  • Silicon carbide is not only good for removing paint and rust, but also great for etching glass, stone, and other hard surfaces.
  • Corncobs, walnut shells, and baking soda are great on softer surfaces. These blasting medias are also biodegradable.

Media blasting can be used for many reasons. It can prep an existing surface for the next step such as painting, staining, or sealing. It also can remove visual damage and blemishes from a surface, and it is much more time efficient than traditional methods such as hand sanders.

Beyond Stone Solutions can expertly evaluate your specific media blasting needs and recommend the correct media and steps to achieve your desired end result.

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