Inspection and Troubleshooting

Stone and Tile Inspection and Consultation | Phoenix Metro / Arizona

Inspection and Troubleshooting

Certified in Stone and Masonry Inspection and Troubleshooting we service the Phoenix metro area, as well as all of Arizona, with expertise and insights into natural and engineered stone, terrazzo, tile, and masonry-related installations and failures.

When Expertise Matters

At Beyond Stone Solutions, we are certified in Stone and Masonry Inspection and Troubleshooting. Our extensive knowledge and experience span decades, enabling us to offer expert insights into the science and geology of natural and engineered stone, terrazzo, tile, and masonry-related installations and failures.

Our diverse clientele encompasses government entities, general contractors, insurance companies, tile contractors, attorneys, and architectural and engineering firms. Additionally, we cater to property owners and managers of hotels, commercial, industrial, and retail properties, as well as high-end homes.

Stone and tile inspection and consultation
Examining crack in masonry

Comprehensive Consultation Services

We provide a wide array of consultation services, including:

  • Examination, Evaluation, and Advisory Services
  • Specification writing
  • Failure analysis
  • Project review and analysis
  • On-site testing
  • ASTM testing
  • Petrographic and other laboratory testing
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Infrared thermography
  • Repair feasibility studies
  • Sample collection
  • Owner representation and supervision of installations
  • Restoration procedures and recommendations
  • Insurance claims
  • Stain removal testing
  • Facade inspections
  • Training
  • Forensic expert testimony
  • Slip and fall testing and prevention programs

Inspection and Failure Analysis

Our expertise in inspection and failure analysis aims to prevent issues in new installations and identify the root causes of failure in existing installations. Systems may comprise various components, including hard surfaces like natural stone, engineered stone, tile, terrazzo, concrete, masonry, or other materials, laid over substrates like concrete slabs or wood subfloors. Depending on the application, heating, plumbing, or drainage systems may also be present.

Common problems we address include debonding, delamination, tenting, cracking, stuns and crystal fractures, lippage, grout failures, and more.


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