Impregnating Sealer

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Impregnating Sealer

The primary job of an impregnating sealer is to fill in the tiny pores in natural stone to inhibit staining agents from being able to leave a stain on your natural stone surfaces. We are an authorized applicator for DryTreat Sealers, a scientifically advanced sealer that leaves other sealers in the dust.

Impregnating Sealer

The special penetrating sealer molecules in Dry-Treat are hundreds of times smaller than competitor stone sealers and penetrate much deeper into the pore structure, even dense natural stones like granite. Inside the pores, the special sealing molecules bond permanently by chemical reactions, creating a substantial, deep oil and water-repellent barrier.

The deeper Dry-Treat barrier not only provides great surface stain protection, but also protection against more serious common types of damage caused by water ingress (penetration), including efflorescence, salt spalling, freeze-thaw spalling, and picture framing.

Our sealer is safe for use on food preparation surfaces and not sensitive to most common household acidic substances. The result is semi-permanent and provides optimum sealing capabilities protecting against oil and water based staining agents.

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Enhancing Sealers

Color enhancing sealers are also impregnating sealers, but they are designed to bring out the color in certain natural stones while offering excellent protection.

If you like the color of your slate, travertine, flagstone, etc. when it gets wet, then enhancing sealer is the option for you.

Important Note: Impregnating stone sealers cannot prevent etching. Impregnating sealers penetrate beneath the surface of the stone to fill the tiny pores.