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Client : Homeowner in Paradise Valley, Arizona
Info : Countertop Restoration and Protection

Wet Bar Had Lackluster Finish

Homeowners in Paradise Valley, Arizona were so pleased with the results of our StoneGuard® application on the red marble island tops in their kitchen that they asked us to take care of their black marble wet bar, as well. A well-used wet bar is constantly exposed to acidic substances commonly found in drinks and sauces. The black marble finish on this wet bar had become etched and dull.

StoneGuard® Application Process

Here’s how we applied the StoneGuard®, a protective polyethylene film that adds a new level of protection against etching and other damage. First, we removed the etching on the wet bar tops by honing with a hand tool mounted with diamond infused pads. We carefully cleaned the top, using a microfiber towel, StoneGuard® Surfectant cleaner, and warm water. Once the top was completely dry, we applied a priming agent and performed a bond test. With everything prepped and completely ready, we applied the StoneGuard® using adhesives and special tools. Throughout the application process, we pressed out any water or air pockets trapped between the film and the marble, achieving beautiful, firmly bonded results.

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