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Client : Homeowners in Paradise Valley, AZ
Info : Granite repair, honing, and polishing

Installers Dropped Granite Countertop

A Paradise Valley, AZ homeowner called us to find out whether we could repair a countertop edge that had completely come apart. We did not learn all the details, but apparently this granite bar top edge had randomly just fallen off somehow and broke into pieces.

About Laminated Countertop Edges

Ogee countertop edges provide a beautiful finishing touch. The ogee edge on this countertop had been achieved with a process called lamination, where a piece of stone is cemented underneath the granite top. It creates the illusion of a thick countertop, when in reality, only the edge is thick. Most of the stone damage happened to this edge piece.

Our Granite Countertop Repair and Restoration Process

Before we began working, we masked and protected the surfaces surrounding our work area. Then, we carefully aligned, leveled, and reaffixed each piece of broken granite using a strong adhesive specially formulated for stone repair. We used miter clamps to secure the stone. After allowing ample cure time, we honed and polished to restore the elegant, reflective finish.

The homeowners were very pleased with the outcome and happy to have avoided the cost of replacing the bar top.

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