Unsightly Travertine Rust Stains Removed

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Client : Homeowners in Scottsdale
Info : Travertine stain removal and refinishing

Rust Stained Travertine

Scottsdale homeowners contacted us because an exterior railing had not been properly painted, and after some rainy weather, the railing left rust stains on their travertine patio.

Sample and Estimate

Beyond Stone Solutions provides free consultations and estimates, because we always want to meet and exceed customer’s expectations. We did a sample of our travertine rust stain removal services. The homeowners scheduled services once they saw the results we were able to achieve.

Travertine Stain Removal and Polish

First, we masked and protected the surfaces surrounding our work areas. We removed the rust stains using professional cleaners specially designed to effectively remove stains without damaging the stone. Finally, we refinished and sealed the travertine.

The homeowners were very happy with the dramatic difference our stain removal and refinishing services made for the travertine in their outdoor living space.

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