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Client : Homeowners in Rio Verde, Arizona
Info : Flagstone and travertine cleaning and enhancing

Flagstone and Travertine No Longer Looked Vibrant

Homeowners in Rio Verde, Arizona contacted us for flagstone and travertine cleaning and enhancing services because the harsh Arizona sun and elements had caused the appearance of the flagstone in their pool and patio area to diminish. The stone no longer looked as vibrant as it did when they first had it installed.

Consultation and Sample Cleaning and Enhancing

At Beyond Stone Solutions, we believe that when we provide a sample cleaning and enhancing, it gives homeowners the opportunity to see for themselves what the results they can expect when they contract with us. After the homeowners saw what a difference our flagstone and travertine restoration services could make, they asked us to add this project to our schedule.

Our Flagstone and Travertine Cleaning and Enhancing Process

First, we swept away debris and used professional acid mixture and cleaning solutions to remove accumulated dirt and grime. To restore the pH balance, remove any cleaning residue that could interfere with sealing, and prevent the flagstone from becoming more susceptible to damage and erosion, we neutralized the surface.

Our final step was to apply Modern Stone, a high quality, water-based, professional color-enhancing sealer, to emphasize and enrich the inherent colors and patterns in the flagstone and travertine, provide protection against water and oil absorption, and preserve the beautiful appearance of the stone.

The homeowners were very pleased and looking forward to enjoying time outdoors.

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