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Client : Home builder in Scottsdale, AZ
Info : Rust removed from porcelain tile

Leaky Planter Caused Rust Stains

A custom home builder had the misfortune of a metal planter in the entry way of their design center developing a leak. Since the planter was made of metal, the leak caused a rust stain on the porcelain tile floor. The builder’s property management company fixed the planter pot to prevent further issues, but they felt that removing the rust stain from the tile without causing any damage to the tile was something that would be best left to a professional tile restoration contractor. They contacted us, and we assured them that we could completely remove the stain without causing damage to the tile.

Our Tile Rust Stain Removal Process

The client instructed us to work around the heavy planter, which would have been very challenging to move.

First, we masked the protected the planter to prevent any damage from chemical splatters. We used a soft bristled brush and professional rust cleaner to remove most of the rust. To remove the remaining rust, we switched to a diluted acid cleaner. Since acid cleaners can etch porcelain, we had to be careful to not allow the product to dwell long, and we followed up immediately with a neutralizer.

The property manager and builder were relieved that the tile in the entry way would not need to be replaced and that their show room could once again give prospects and customers a positive first impression.

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