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Client : Homeowner in Paradise Valley, Arizona
Info : Countertop Restoration and Protection

Etching and Dullness Diminish Island Top Finish

Homeowners in Paradise Valley, Arizona were frustrated with the appearance of the red marble island tops in their kitchen. Despite using stone-safe cleaners and putting forth their best efforts to clean spills right away, the marble finish became etched and damaged. The homeowners knew that having their countertops restored would bring back the welcoming, clean, and elegant look the marble had when it was first installed, but their highest concern was protecting the finish so it stayed looking great all the time. We proposed a long term solution: StoneGuard®, a protective polyethylene film applied to natural stone countertops that adds a new level of protection against etching and other damage.

Our Expert Application Process

First, we honed the marble island tops to remove the surface damage and etching. We used a clean microfiber towel, StoneGuard® Surfectant cleaner, and warm water to wipe down the marble surface to remove any residual dust and debris and then applied a priming agent to prepare the marble for the StoneGuard® application. After performing a quick test to check the bonding temperature of the marble surface, our highly trained technicians applied the StoneGuard® film with adhesives and a variety of tools. As they worked, they used special care to press out water and air pockets between the film and the marble.

The homeowners were amazed at the results and so relieved that their island tops would be nearly impossible to etch for a long, long time. They loved the kitchen so much, they had us apply StoneGuard® to their wet bar black marble tops, as well. Read the Wet Bar Protected by StoneGuard® case study.

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