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Client : North Scottsdale, AZ Homeowners
Info : Repair/Reinstall Stacked Stone

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Problem: Damaged Stone

The focal point of a backyard travertine pool and patio oasis in North Scottsdale, AZ was a beautiful stacked stone fire and water feature. Unfortunately, the salt-chlorinated water sheer that runs from just below the fireplace down the stone to the swimming pool, was causing the stone to slowly decay. Notice in the BEFORE images how the damaged stone looks worn and colorless compared to the rest of the stone.

Solution: Replace Stone

We drained the water from the pool and took special precautions to protect the surrounding areas. Then we removed the damaged stone, and installed new stone that matched the existing stone. As you can see in the AFTER images, the replacement stones blend in perfectly, restoring the consistent appearance of the stacked stone feature.

As an accredited Dry Treat applicator, we normally would have applied DRY-TREAT 40SK™, a stone sealer specifically designed for salt water protection, however, per our customers’ request, we did not apply the sealer. The homeowners wanted to convert to a regular chlorine pool and then have us return to apply either a color-enhancing or clear sealer (they are still deciding) to the stacked stone feature.

A Side Note

We also cleaned and enhanced the exterior travertine around the pool, patio, and entry ways. You can read the story and view the images of that job here.

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