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Client : Homeowners in Phoenix, AZ
Info : Granite countertop crack repaired and refinished

Damaged Granite Sink Cutout

When an unfortunate scenario with a granite sink cutout became a reality for homeowners in Phoenix, Arizona, they reached out to Beyond Stone Solutions for expert granite countertop crack repair services. A crack had developed along the front edge of the sink, diminishing the elegance of the countertop. It was a mystery to the homeowners as to why the countertop cracked.

We explained that even though granite is known for its durability, it is not impervious to damage. This particular type of damage is actually a lot more common than people realize. Here’s how it happens.

Typically, the weakest point of a granite countertop is the sink cutout, and as such, fabricators often reinforce this part of the stone with a metal rebar to protect it during transport and installation. If the moisture barrier between the stone and the sink fails, the rebar may rust and expand, causing an unsightly crack.

Granite Countertop Repair and Refinishing

Our highly trained technicians carefully removed the damaged granite, exposing the rusted rebar. Then, we cut out the damaged portion of metal and cleaned and neutralized the affected area. After we reattached the stone using professional adhesives specifically designed for this type of repair, the structural integrity of the repaired section actually became stronger than the original stone. We also recaulked around the sink to create a new moisture barrier.

To blend the repaired area with the surrounding stone, we honed and polished the granite. Our final steps were to seal and buff the stone.

The homeowners were very relieved they would not need to replace the countertop. They were completely satisfied with the outcome of this granite countertop repair and refinishing project. The countertop looked pristine once again, and any traces of the former damage were only perceptible with extremely close examination.


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