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Client : Homeowners in Tempe, AZ
Info : Tile and grout shower caulk replacement and restoration

Dirty, Damaged Shower

Tempe homeowners called us because their tile and grout shower needed some professional attention. Although they regularly cleaned the shower, over time a layer of soap scum had built up. There were other problems, as well. The original caulking was missing in some places, the grout lines were unsightly, the stone had a dull, dirty appearance, and the glass blocks had lost their luster.

Our Tile and Grout Shower Restoration Services

First, we used the flat edge of a straight razor to carefully scrape away the soap scum in areas where there was excessive buildup. We also used the razor to remove any loose caulk.

Our deep cleaning and sanitizing process included professional sanitizing solution specially formulated to dissolve stubborn soap scum, mineral residue, and other contaminants. We used special brushes and scouring pads to reach every crack and crevice, thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the tile, grout lines, and glass blocks.

Our final step was to apply new caulk in areas where the caulk had come loose.

Our clients were amazed at the difference our services made and how fresh, clean, and inviting their shower was. They said it seemed like they had a brand new shower. To learn more, visit our Tile and Grout Services page.

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