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Client : Homeowners in Scottsdale, AZ
Info : Fountain tiles replaced, calcium deposits removed

Fountain in Disrepair

Homeowners in Scottsdale, Arizona contacted us for fountain repair and restoration services. Observing a fountain in disrepair can evoke the exact opposite emotions that a fountain is designed to create. The appearance of this fountain had become diminished by tile damage and calcium deposits.

The homeowners felt confident reaching out to Beyond Stone Solutions to resolve these problems, because we have extensive knowledge and experience in fountain surface restoration. After a consultation and estimate, they scheduled services with us.

Our Fountain Restoration Process

Our first step was to repair the damage. We replaced the missing and broken travertine and blue ceramic tiles.

Calcium deposits, a white powdery residue, had formed over the course of time because of a combination of evaporation and the water chemistry. The deposits were especially pronounced at the water’s edge. Our media blasting process eliminated the calcium buildup without harsh chemicals.

The homeowner expressed appreciation for the transformation we were able to achieve. We were happy to have created a more pleasant environment for the homeowners and their family and guests to enjoy.

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