Rental Property Engineered Stone Countertop Damage Erased

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Client : Property owner in Tempe, AZ
Info : Quartz surface restoration

Rental Property Engineered Stone Countertop Damage

A landlord contacted us about restoration services. They rented to tenants who damaged the beautiful engineered stone countertops in an apartment in Tempe, Arizona. The kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity were in great condition when the occupants signed the lease, but when the lease ended and they moved out, the landlord found acid etch damage and discoloration.

Etch damage is commonly caused by acidic substances, such as wine, vinegar, juices, cosmetics, and harsh chemicals. It looked like the tenants had attempted to remove the initial etch damage with some sort of improper cleaner, such as an alkaline stripper, which compounded the problem by causing alkaline etch damage. This type of etch damage is a chemical reaction that leaves alkaline salts deposited onto the surface of the stone. We used a straight razor to scrape some of these salts off the surface to verify this theory.

Our Engineered Stone Restoration Process

Be careful about who you hire to handle problems with quartz surfaces. Technical knowledge, highly trained and skilled technicians, and state-of-the-art equipment are necessary.

We used hand tools mounted with diamond infused pads to hone the engineered stone. This process, unlike cleaning, removes both salt deposits and any damaged countertop material. We also refinished the countertop to restore the luster and blend the finish of the repaired area with the surrounding stone.

After our professional restoration services, the countertop looked more beautiful and inviting than when the tenants had moved in. The landlord felt better about attempting to recuperate some of the cost of restoration compared to the cost of replacement, which would have been considerably higher and could have resulted in a legal dispute.

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