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Client : Arizona Tile and Interior Logic, Wickenburg, AZ
Info : Granite countertop repair and refinishing

Granite Countertop Damage

In a new home construction in Wickenburg, Arizona, a mishap resulted in a piece of the countertop being knocked loose, as well as a few sizable chips to their granite countertop. Arizona Tile, a very large multi-state distributer, and Interior Logic called us out to fix granite countertop repairs a previous company tried and failed to accomplish.

Granite Countertop Chip Repair

First, we reset the chunk of granite that had come loose from the countertop using high quality, professional adhesive that actually makes the repair site stronger than the actual granite. Next, we color matched and filled in the chipped portions of the countertop. After allowing the material to set briefly, we used a straight razor to remove excess. Once the material fully set, we honed and polished the repair sites to match the existing finish.

The builders were surprised at how well camouflaged the repairs were and how difficult it was to find the areas where there had been damage.

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