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Client : Homeowners in Scottsdale
Info : Granite countertop repaired, honed, and polished

Granite Countertop Crack Near Sink

A very common problem we see is cracks in granite countertops around kitchen sinks, such as the damage to this sink in a Scottsdale, Arizona residence. Fabricators often install metal rebar for structural support. Ideally, moisture barriers protect the rods from rusting, but if this moisture barrier fails, the rods rust, expand, and cause the countertop to crack. The owners of this granite top called us hoping we could repair the damage and save them from the cost of replacing the entire top.

Our Granite Repair and Restoration Process

First, we repaired the granite crack using tinted epoxy and glue. Once the countertop adequately dried and cured, we honed and polished to restore the finish and recaulked the sink surround, seams, and countertop to avoid any future moisture problems.

The homeowners were thrilled with the results and said that they could hardly tell there had ever been damage.

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