Poolside Stacked Stone Blasted and Enhanced

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Client : Homeowner in Phoenix, AZ
Info : Stacked stone media blasting, sealing, and enhancing

Calcium Deposits on Stacked Stone

Phoenix homeowners contacted us because their stacked stone pool feature had calcium deposits and was looking dull and colorless in the areas where water continuously ran. Stacked stone is a resilient material, but a poolside environment in Arizona can be very harsh. Our clients wanted to properly maintain the focal point of their backyard retreat to keep it in excellent shape for many years of use.

Our Stacked Stone Restoration and Protection Process

After the pool was drained, we began our work. Unlike honed or polished stone, stacked stone surfaces are not flat, so traditional diamond honing was not an option. Our highly trained technicians used specialized media blasting equipment to remove the calcium deposits without damaging the stone. Once the stone was restored, we enhanced and protected it with Dry Treat Intensifia, a very high quality sealer that should be applied only by accredited Dry Treat applicators like Beyond Stone Solutions.

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