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Client : Homeowner in Phoenix, AZ
Info : Travertine repaired, honed, polished, and sealed

Dull, Etched Travertine

Phoenix homeowners contacted us because their travertine kitchen floor was looking pretty rough. It had an overall dull appearance, there were several places where spills of acidic substances had caused etch damage, the grout lines were dark and dirty, and there were also a few holes and cracks.

Travertine Floor Honing, Polishing, and Sealing

First, we moved furniture out of the way and used plastic and tape to protect the surfaces near the travertine floor. Before we set up our floor machines, we performed minor repairs (not pictured) to holes and cracks using hand tools and tinted epoxy filler. Then, we honed the travertine to remove the etch damage and dullness and polished to restore the reflection and luster. Our final step was to apply impregnating sealer to inhibit staining.

The homeowners were amazed at how beautiful and elegant their travertine floor looked once again.

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