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Client : Homeowner in Phoenix, Arizona
Info : Saltillo media blasting, cleaning, and sealing

Saltillo With Decades of Wear

The Saltillo patio area in a Phoenix, Arizona home was very dull and dirty looking. The tiles had seen decades of exposure to the elements and showed obvious signs of wear and tear. The topical sealer on the tiles was failing, trapping dirt and grime and giving the Saltillo finish a rough, chalky appearance.

Our Saltillo Refinishing Process

First, we moved the grill, patio furniture, potted plants, and other items out of the way and protected the surfaces surrounding our work area with plastic sheeting. Then, we used a process called dustless media blasting to remove the topical sealer. Dustless media blasting is a forcible propulsion of a stream of crushed, recycled glass that eliminates the need for harsh chemicals. We also deep cleaned the surface of the tiles and the grout lines. Finally, we sealed the Saltillo with a proper penetrating enhancing sealer, instead of the topical sealer the previous contractor had used. The sealer we applied is a professional solution called Dry Treat Intensifia that enhances the color in the Saltillo and inhibits staining.

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Dry Treat Stone Sealers

About Dry Treat

Most sealers and enhancers used on exterior surfaces in Arizona will break down and fade within a couple of years. The reason we prefer using Dry Treat sealers on exterior surfaces is that it can be expected to last much longer before another application is needed (although it is still recommended to be professionally deep cleaned every one to two years). There are some Dry Treat sealers that come with five, fifteen, or twenty-five year written warranties against the absorption of water and oil, but only if the sealer is applied by a Dry Treat accredited applicator and a regular cleaning schedule is maintained. Beyond Stone Solutions is a Dry Treat accredited applicator, and we will be happy to provide proof of treatment for your records, as well as answer any questions you may have about Dry Treat sealers and products.

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