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Client : Homeowners in Phoenix, AZ
Info : Exterior granite repaired and refinished

Damaged Exterior Granite Countertop

Many people believe that badly damaged granite countertops must be replaced. Fortunately, the Phoenix homeowners who contacted us about their granite knew that it could be repaired, honed, and polished to a like-new condition. There was a pretty significant chunk of granite that had become completely dislodged. The adjacent seam was unsightly, and the entire top had a dull appearance. It needed a good “buffing,” as a many clients say (it’s actually honing and polishing).

Our Granite Repair and Restoration Process

First, we used a professional UV-stable stone repair compound, formulated to create a bond that is actually stronger than the stone itself, to reattach the broken piece of granite to the countertop. We were very careful to make sure it was precisely aligned and level. We removed any tiny debris in the seam and filled it with custom tinted epoxy to blend in nicely with the color of the stone. Then we honed and polished the entire top, giving the granite a fresh, clean appearance. Our final step was to apply a high quality impregnating sealer, appropriate for exterior use, to inhibit staining.

The homeowners were so glad to have their outdoor grilling, dining, and entertaining area repaired, restored, and looking super spiffy once again.

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