Factory Finish Restored to Damaged Granite Vanity

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Client : Homeowner in Phoenix
Info : Granite countertop restoration

Granite Vanity Surface Damage

A high-end residence in Phoenix, AZ, had gorgeous granite countertops and vanity tops. Unfortunately, one of the vanities in the bathroom had severe surface damage. The homeowner was not sure whether the damage was due to cosmetics or improper cleaning products. The homeowner called us to schedule granite vanity restoration services, because we have an excellent reputation throughout Arizona.

Granite Vanity Honing and Polishing

First, we masked and protected our work area to avoid any inadvertent damage to the floors, cabinets, and walls during the restoration process. Then, we diamond honed to remove the surface damage. To restore the factory finish, we replaced the diamond pads with progressively finer grits, until we achieved a glossy polish.

The homeowner was very pleased with the outcome and plans to have us back again when it’s time to clean and polish the other granite tops in her home.

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