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Client : Homeowner in Phoenix, AZ
Info : Flagstone paint removed, cleaned, color enhanced

Contractor’s Paint Fail: Flagstone Restoration

Homeowners in Phoenix, Arizona were dissatisfied with the dull, gray, chalky appearance of their flagstone pool and patio area, so they hired a contractor to restore the vibrant colors. Although the patio had a nice, new look, it had a fake appearance that did not seem right to the homeowners.

Shortly thereafter, the color started peeling off the surface of the stone. At that point, the homeowners were sure their patio had been improperly restored. They tried to reach the contractor but got no response.

During our consultation, we explained that the previous contractor had basically just painted the stone. We assured the homeowners that we could provide the results they wanted.

From Peeling to Color-Enhanced and Classy

First, we media blasted (controlled propulsion of abrasive media) the flagstone to remove the top coat as well as any contaminants that might interfere with our color enhancing application. Then, we applied a water-based enhancing sealer, Modern Stone’s Enhancer. Unlike paint, this product brought out the natural beauty and character of the stone. Since it allows moisture vapor transmission, the homeowners will not need to worry about it peeling off.

The homeowner was thrilled with the results. He did ask us to return to touch up one little spot, and we gladly took care of this.

Professionalism. Punctuality. Quality. Responsiveness. Value.

These are the words the homeowner selected to describe our services. Here’s the review:

Brian and Austin did an excellent job on our project. The work was as agreed. However, what was unexpected was the very high quality of work, the timeliness and follow up to fix a very small defect. Somewhat unusual in Phoenix, AZ.

I would recommend them to anybody that wishes to have work done within their area of expertise!

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