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Client : Homeowner in Peoria
Info : Saltillo acid washed, deep cleaned, color enhanced, sealed

Neglected Saltillo In Poor Condition

Homeowners in Peoria, Arizona wanted to get a few more years of use out of their exterior Saltillo tiles before having them replaced, but in the meantime, they did not want to look at such unattractive Saltillo every time they walked through the front door or used their back porch. The Saltillo tiles were dirty, chalky, and splotchy in appearance. There were clear signs of wear from the elements.

Consultation, Sample, and Saltillo Restoration

First, we consulted with the clients to have an in-person look at the problems they described to us over the phone. We agreed to return at their convenience to do a sample so that they could see for themselves exactly what kind of results to expect. Once they saw the dramatic improvement, the homeowners scheduled Saltillo restoration services. We acid washed and hand scrubbed the Saltillo to remove deeply embedded contaminants and residues from the tiles and grout lines. Once the surface was dry, we applied a professional enhancing sealer to intensify the colors and inhibit staining.

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