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Client : Homeowners in Sedona, AZ
Info : Concrete pavers stripped, cleaned, enhanced, and sealed

Problem: Unsightly Pavers

A prestigious Sedona, AZ home was surrounded by chalky, colorless concrete pavers. The homeowner was not happy with the way the harsh Arizona sun and elements had caused the pavers to appear dirty, even though they were relatively clean.

When we provided a free consultation and estimate, we let the homeowner know that the reason the pavers had faded, flaked, and turned a grayish white color was that the topical sealer (applied by a different contractor) was not the optimal choice of sealers for this climate. We explained that we use sealers that “breathe” on exterior stone, and that when these sealers begin to disintegrate, as all sealers eventually do, there is no need to strip the remaining sealer. The pavers can simply be cleaned and another coat of sealer can be reapplied.

Solution: Paver Stripping and Sealing

Our first step was to mask and protect surrounding areas, and then strip the topical sealer from these exterior pavers. Once the pavers were completely clean and dry, we generously saturated them with two professional solutions, Paver Finisha, an advanced impregnator and premium color enhancer for highly porous concrete pavers and Intensifia, a deep color enhancer with oil and water repellent and superior stain protection that will last for years. This process made a dramatic difference in the appearance of these concrete pavers, as you can see in the AFTER images.

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