Gorgeous Transformation of Paradise Valley Saltillo

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Client : Homeowner in Paradise Valley, Arizona
Info : Saltillo media blasted and sealed with enhancing sealer

Dirty Coating Obscures Saltillo

Homeowners in the desert mountain town of Paradise Valley, Arizona, contacted us to schedule Saltillo restoration services. Their outdoor living space had a dirty, messy appearance despite their best efforts to keep it clean and presentable. We explained that the dirty appearance and discoloration were caused by an old coating that had been applied long ago.

Saltillo Media Blasting and Enhancing

Here’s how we restored the elegance and character of the Saltillo tiles. We moved the porch furniture and plants out of the workspace. Then, we set up our specialized equipment to remove the old coating, a topical sealer that should never have been applied in the first place. To accomplish this task without harsh chemicals, we used a process called media blasting, that is, a steady, controlled stream of crushed, recycled glass that removed the coating while leaving the Saltillo underneath unharmed. We thoroughly cleaned the surface of the tiles and the grout lines. Finally, we applied Modern Stone Enhancer, a commercial-grade sealer designed specifically for exterior use that will preserve the appearance of the Saltillo, inhibit oil and water-based stains, and enhance the natural color of the tiles for years to come.

The homeowners were very pleased with the fresh, clean, inviting appearance of their Saltillo outdoor living space.

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