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Client : Homeowners in Paradise Valley, AZ
Info : Flagstone and brick paver repair, cleaning, and sealing

Old Coatings, Dirt, Damage Take Toll on Flagstone and Brick Pavers

Homeowners in Paradise Valley, Arizona contacted us for professional flagstone restoration and brick paver restoration services.

The flagstone in their outdoor living spaces was showing signs of wear. Old coatings were worn away in some areas. Accumulated dirt and contaminants clung to what coating remained. The flagstone was damaged in some areas. Thirty-one pieces of flagstone showed visible deterioration. Fifty lineal feet of grout was in poor condition, cracked or even missing.

Their brick pavers needed some professional attention, as well. Some of the pavers had become uneven over time, which posed both aesthetic and safety concerns.

How We Transformed the Appearance of the Flagstone and Brick Pavers

We media blasted, that is, used specialized equipment to propel abrasive media at sufficient velocity to remove the old coatings and dirt without damaging the surface of the flagstone. This process revealed the original beauty of the stone, but since some the flagstone was damaged and faded by the harsh Arizona elements, we still had our work cut out for us.

Our team meticulously identified and removed any deteriorated flagstone pieces and installed new pieces that complimented and integrated with the surrounding stone. We removed the cracked sections of grout and filled in all the empty spaces in the grout lines with new color-matched grout. This not only enhanced the overall appearance but increased the stability of the installation.

To restore the uniform appearance of the brick pavers, we lifted, refloated, and leveled the misaligned pavers. With the surface nice and flat again, we reduced the trip and fall hazard. We also deep cleaned the pavers.

Our final step was to apply a commercial-grade sealer, Modern Stone Enhancer. What we love about this product is that it not only protects the surfaces but also enhances the natural color of the stone and pavers, giving them a fresh, vibrant appearance.

The homeowners were so glad to see how visually appealing their outdoor spaces had become with our professional services.

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