Natural Stone Floor Medallion Repaired

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Client : Homeowners in Cave Creek, AZ
Info : Stone repaired, honed, and polished

Damaged Natural Stone Floor Medallion

Cave Creek homeowners contacted us because a section of their natural stone floor medallion was cracked and breaking. We explained that our precision repair services could make a dramatic difference and go a long way in preserving the life of their investment.

Our Natural Stone Repair Process

First, we assessed the damage and removed the loose pieces to determine the subfloor was sound. Then, we sanded the bottom of each piece to ensure proper adhesion, and reassembled using tinted epoxy. Once the repair site was completely dry, we honed and polished the surface to make it nice and smooth and match the finish of the repair site with that of the surrounding area. The homeowners were very pleased with the outcome, because our repair work was so good, it was very difficult to spot where the damage had been.

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