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Client : Homeowners in Mesa AZ
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Chipped Engineered Stone (aka Quartz) Countertop

For many homeowners, the words engineered stone restoration conjure up ideas like: expensive and complicated. When homeowners in Mesa, Arizona contacted us to ask about our engineered stone / quartz countertop repair services, we explained that we specialize in countertop chip repair and in most cases, chips can be repaired for a reasonable price with minimal disruption to a homeowner’s normal routine. They were relieved to hear this and scheduled services right away.

Our Countertop Chip Repair Process

Although we make chip repair look easy, it is definitely an art form that takes skill, experience, quality materials, and professional tools. Here’s a synopsis of our repair process.

We used a syringe to dispense a tinted filler into the void. This filler we used is designed specifically for Quartz. To keep the filler in place, we applied small strips of plastic sheeting around the chip. We used a UV light to cure the filler.

The tricky part of chip repair is getting the finish of the repaired area to match the surrounding finish. Many homeowners who attempt DIY chip repair become frustrated during this part of the repair process. For an experienced restoration contractor, sanding or honing and polishing to match the existing finish is no problem.

The homeowners were amazed that the damage was virtually invisible after our chip repair.

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