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Calcium Buildup on a Marble Headstone

A Mesa, Arizona woman regularly visits the resting place of her daughter as a way to honor her memory. Over the course of time, she observed signs of wear and discoloration on the headstone. Eventually, she reached out to Beyond Stone Solutions. We inspected the stone and noted calcium buildup, especially in the inscriptions. We assured the client that our marble headstone restoration services could bring back its serene beauty.

About Marble Headstone Restoration

Cleaning and restoring a headstone is a delicate process, and aggressive restoration methods such as the use of abrasion, harsh chemicals, and pressure washing must be avoided.

Marble is a soft, stone that scratches easily. Abrasive restoration methods for this type of project could cause damage by opening up the pores and allowing any contaminants in the exterior environment to enter. At best, such methods would quickly result in even more signs of wear and discoloration. At worst, the stone could become damaged beyond repair.

Marble is a calcium-based stone. Because of its calcium content, any acidic cleaners will react chemically with the surface of the stone and cause unsightly etch damage.

Pressure washing marble is a big no-no. Although the stone may look great at first, in time the stone could pit, spall, and flake. Pressure washing can cause irreversible damage to marble.

Our Safe and Effective Marble Headstone Restoration

We used professional cleaning solutions specifically designed for marble with non-abrasive tools and methods to safely remove the calcium buildup and other contaminants. We allowed the stone to dry and examined it for any stains. Since there were no stains, we applied a penetrating sealer to inhibit staining and provide extra protection against the elements.

Our client now understands that periodic headstone maintenance is the best way to preserve the original appearance of a headstone design and keep the inscription legible and presentable for both present and future generations.

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