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Client : Family in Mesa, Arizona
Info : Granite headstone cleaning, lettering touchup, and sealing

Calcium Deposits Muddle Headstone Inscription

The Perna family reached out to us for granite headstone cleaning and restoration services. The headstone was located in the Queen of Heaven Catholic Cemetary in Mesa, Arizona. Exposure to the elements had taken a toll on the appearance of the headstone. The granite had become faded and streaked with calcium deposits.

Our Granite Headstone Restoration Process

We used gentle, yet effective professional cleaning solutions, a soft brush, and a mildly abrasive cleaning pad to painstakingly remove the deposits, giving special attention to the inscriptions and decorative cross. Our cleaning process did not cause any damage to the stone.

We refreshed the white engravings using Lithichrome Stone Paint, crafted to improve the legibility of letters and designs engraved in stone.

Our final step was to seal the granite with a commercial-grade penetrating sealer.

Our efforts resulted in restoration of the clarity, color, and natural beauty of the front, back, sides, and base of this headstone. The inscriptions were once again very easy to see and read. It was a privilege to help preserve this important marker of remembrance for the Perna family.

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