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Client : Homeowners in Paradise Valley, AZ
Info : Marble honing, polishing, and sealing

Dull, Etched Marble Countertops

The gorgeous marble kitchen countertops in a Paradise Valley, Arizona home were dull and etched as a result of improper cleaners, acidic substances in foods and beverages, and general use. There was some discoloration around the sink due to moisture from failed caulking, some chips and dings, and some unsightly countertop seams. The homeowners wanted a showroom finish, and we assured them that with repair and restoration services, we could meet and exceed their expectations.

Marble Repair, Restoration, and Protection

The surfaces surrounding our work area are always taken into consideration before we begin our work. We used painters tape and plastic to protect cabinets, walls, and other surfaces. Our first step was to remove the old caulking and apply new caulking around the sink to prevent moisture from seeping into the stone. Then, we ground the uneven countertop seams to bring the two sides level with one another and eliminate the dark line. We mixed and applied color-matched epoxy to patch the minor chips and dings in the high-use areas. Once the epoxy set, we honed the repair sites, the seams, and the entire surface of the all of the marble countertops and island top. Honing removed a very thin upper layer of the stone, which essentially erased all the damage. We polished the stone to achieve a highly reflective, glossy finish and applied a coat of impregnating sealer to inhibit staining.

The homeowners loved the brand new look.

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