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Client : Luxury Scottsdale Waterfront
Info : Marble polishing, cleaning, sealing

New Construction

During the construction phase of the Luxury Scottsdale Waterfront Condominiums, the builder needed to have all interior stone polished and sealed.

There were two 16-story towers of condominiums at the scenic Scottsdale property, with eight to ten units on each floor and a penthouse on the sixteenth floor. Each condo had a variety of stone, from marble to travertine and limestone floors and walls with decorative marble mosaic borders in most of the bathrooms, as well as the living and dining areas. In addition to the 198 condos, there was about 32,000 square feet of stone in the lobbies, hallways and elevators.

Given our reputation throughout Arizona, the builder decided to entrust us with this large project. Beyond Stone Solutions has a large crew of professional, experienced technicians, so getting the work done in a timely manner was not a problem. We were able to polish, clean, and seal all of the natural stone in all of the condos in both of the towers, including the lobbies, elevators, and hallways, working around the builder’s schedule. As you can see in the images, the results were stunning.

Satisfied Customers

We have since recleaned, repolished, and resealed almost every condo, but with the individual owners as our customers. The property manager continues to utilize our services for maintenance of the lobbies and other common areas.

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