Elegance Restored to Limestone Shower

Soap Scum and Hard Water Deposits on Limestone

Phoenix homeowners contacted us because their limestone shower had a buildup of hard water deposits, calcium, and soap scum. The stone had a dirty, chalky appearance.

Our Limestone Shower Deep Cleaning and Enhancing Services

First, we meticulously scraped away the heaviest buildup using the flat edge of a razor. Then we sprayed the limestone thoroughly with a professional cleaning solution and allowed ample dwell time to soften the residues. Our hand tools mounted with special brushes and scouring pads designed specifically for natural stone restoration were very effective for completely removing the surface contaminants, as well as deep cleaning and sanitizing the limestone. Once the shower dried, we applied a color enhancer to give the stone a deep, rich, like-new appearance.

The homeowners were amazed at the difference our professional limestone services made. To learn more, visit our Limestone Services page.

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