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Client : Homeowner in Tempe, AZ
Info : Travertine floor cleaned, polished, sealed, and grout lines color sealed

Problem: Dirt and Grime in Grout Lines

The grout lines on this floor would not come clean, even with mopping and scrubbing. The Tempe, AZ homeowners loved the look of their chiseled travertine, but dirt and grime kept getting caught in the textured edges of the tiles. They called Beyond Stone Solutions to find out whether we could provide a long-term solution to their problem.

Solution: Polishing, Deep Cleaning, Grout Color Sealing

Our travertine polishing process gave the stone a beautiful shine. We thoroughly cleaned the grout lines, removing contaminants trapped deep within the porous surface of the grout. With the floor clean and prepared, we applied a penetrating sealer to the stone to inhibit staining, and we color sealed the grout lines, giving the floor a brand new look.

The color sealer fills in the tiny holes in the grout, making the grout lines extremely stain resistant and eliminating the hiding places for dirt and grime. The homeowners were relieved to hear that regular cleaning and maintenance of their color sealed floors would be much easier. No more scrubbing. Just a quick sweep and damp mop!

For more information about our travertine services, watch this short video or visit this page. To learn more about grout color sealing, watch this short video.

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