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Client : Homeowners in Mesa, AZ
Info : Granite honing and polishing

Two Granite Vanities Scratched

Homeowners in Arizona’s third largest city, Mesa, look to Beyond Stone Solutions when their granite surfaces need professional attention. For this project, the homeowner contacted us because of scratches on the granite vanities in both of their bathrooms.

Granite is not easily scratched, but once it does become scratched, only stone restoration contractors who have the right tools and understand how to restore granite will be able to properly refinish the stone.

How We Remove Granite Scratches

First, we masked and protected the surfaces surrounding our work area. Then, we honed the stone to remove the scratches. Finally, we used a series of progressively finer grit diamond pads specifically designed for granite restoration to give the granite a like-new, reflective finish.

Granite can be difficult to refinish because of its hardness, but our highly trained technicians always use the appropriate tools and methods to achieve excellent results. The homeowner was very satisfied with the appearance of the vanities.

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