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Client : Homeowner in Tempe, Arizona
Info : Sink caulked, granite repaired, refinished, and sealed

Granite Failure Behind Kitchen Faucet

Homeowners in Tempe, Arizona contacted us when their granite countertop behind the kitchen faucet cracked. They thought they were going to have to get a new sink installed and possibly even have the entire countertop replaced, but we assured them that this wouldn’t be necessary because we specialize in granite repair and restoration—even complex repairs such as this. A metal rod had rusted inside of the stone because of a failed moisture barrier along the back of the sink.

Our Granite Crack Repair and Refinishing Process

In order to perform this repair, we would have to remove a portion of the granite to expose the iron-oxidized (rusted) metal rod underneath.

First, we masked and protected the window, sink, and other surfaces around our work area. We carefully cut and removed the stone in the affected area. Then, we removed the metal rod and rust. After cleaning and neutralizing the stone, we reassembled the piece we removed using very strong, professional-grade adhesives and color-tinted epoxy. This type of repair actually results in stone that is stronger than the natural stone itself.

After the repair work was finished, we applied new caulking to create a dependable moisture barrier. Our cosmetic repairs included honing to create a flat and level surface and polishing to match the surrounding finish. The final step was to apply a high-quality impregnating sealer to inhibit staining.

The homeowners were seriously impressed with our work. They said it looked fantastic and that they were very glad they had contacted Beyond Stone Solutions to resolve their granite mishap.

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