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Client : Homeowners in Phoenix, AZ
Info : Etch removal and refinishing

Improper Cleaners Caused Etch Damage

Homeowners hired a cleaning company in preparation for putting their house on the market. Unfortunately, one of the cleaning company employees used an acidic cleaner on the granite inlaid marble floor, causing etch damage, and to make matters worse, then tried to fix the etch, causing further damage. The realtor called us to properly remove the etch and refinish the floor.

Our Etch Removal and Restoration Process

We removed the etching on this granite inlaid marble floor by honing, that is, a wet sanding process that removes a very thin upper layer of the stone, revealing the new, undamaged stone underneath. Then, we polished the floor to restore the reflective finish. The homeowners were thrilled that there was no sign of etch damage when we were done. Their marble floor looked like new again, which would inevitably help with impressing potential buyers.

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