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Client : Homeowner in Phoenix, Arizona
Info : Granite crack repaired, sink recaulked and resealed, and granite refinished

Cracked Granite on Sink Front

Kitchen sinks are installed with a moisture barrier between the sink and the countertop. If this barrier fails, problems occur.  Homeowners in Phoenix, Arizona called us for a free consultation and estimate after a crack appeared in the granite in front of their sink. Moisture had been absorbed by the granite, and when the rod along the sink rail became rusted, it to expanded and created a crack in the stone. In the stone industry, we call this front rail rod jacking.

We explained to the homeowners that the granite, installed on flat and level cabinets, had all the support it needed. The rods had only been necessary to provide support during transport. This rod could be removed and the countertop repaired to like-new condition. They were very relieved to hear this and scheduled services right away.

Precision Granite Repair and Restoration

First, we covered the surfaces surrounding our work area for protection. Then, we carefully removed enough of the granite to expose the iron-oxidized (rusted) rod. We removed the rod and cleaned and neutralized the area to inhibit any further deterioration. We used super-strong, professional-grade adhesives to reassemble the portion of the stone that we had removed, and we finished up the repair by filling in any voids with color-matched epoxy. We meticulously caulked and sealed to create a dependable moisture barrier around the sink. With the repairs accomplished, our final steps were to hone, polish, and seal the stone.

The homeowners were very happy with our repairs and complimented our refinishing work, as well. One would have to scrutinize the countertop to detect that there had ever been any damage.

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