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Client : Homeowners in Tempe, AZ
Info : Flagstone cleaning

Flagstone Walkway Had Seen Better Days

Homeowners in Tempe, Arizona called us after noticing how unsightly their flagstone walkway had become. It was faded, dull, and dusty, and it had calcium buildup and tire marks.

The Arizona sun is known for its intensity, and many homeowners in the region count on Beyond Stone Solution to service exterior stone. We’ve built a solid reputation for ourselves throughout the state of Arizona for restoring the beauty to flagstone and other hardscape.

Our Flagstone Restoration Process

We are always very careful to cause no damage to the surfaces surrounding our work area, including flowering plants and other landscaping. Once our job site was prepared, we acid washed the flagstone to remove dirt, grime, and contaminants. We used a soft deck brush to scrub the tire marks and calcium buildup. Our final step was to neutralize the stone, restoring the proper pH level so that the professional cleaning solution would not damage the stone.

The homeowners were amazed at the difference professional flagstone restoration services made. Their walkway looked fresh, clean, and welcoming once again.

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