Flagstone Hardscape Topical Coating Removed

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Client : Homeowners in Ahwatukee Foothills Village, AZ
Info : Flagstone stripped and cleaned

Unsightly Topical Coating on Flagstone

Homeowners in Ahwatukee Foothills Village, Arizona called us because the topical coating on their flagstone walkway was blotchy and embedded with dirt and grime. During our consultation, we stripped and cleaned a sample area. Once they saw what kind of results they could expect, they scheduled services with us to restore the beauty to their flagstone.

Flagstone Stripping and Cleaning

We took great care throughout our time on this job to protect flowering plants and other landscaping surrounding our work area. Once our job site was prepared, we applied a stripper and removed the topical coating. We used a soft deck brush and professional cleaning solution to hand scrub the entire walkway and remove any remaining contaminants. Our final step was to thoroughly rinse the stone.

Our professional flagstone restoration services really impressed these homeowners. The walkway leading to their front door had a clean, welcoming, like-new appearance.

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