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Client : Homeowners in Tempe, AZ
Info : Slate stripped, cleaned, and sealed

Problem: Unsightly Buildup on Slate

The slate in the entryways and outdoor living spaces surrounding this Tempe, AZ home appeared dirty, chalky, and colorless, even though the tiles were regularly swept and cleaned. Upon inspection and after discussion with the homeowners, we discovered that a different contractor had coated the slate with an improper topical sealer every year for several years. The build up of coating had become so thick, it was flaking off and severely diminishing the beauty of the slate underneath. We provided a free consultation, including a cleaning and sealing sample, and an estimate. Once the homeowners saw the results, they hired us to refinish their slate.

Solution: Stripping and Sealing

First, we masked and protected the areas surrounding our work space. Then we painstakingly stripped away the topical sealer and thoroughly cleaned the slate. Once the slate was completely dry, we applied Dry Treat Intensifia, a deep color enhancer with oil and water repellent and superior stain protection that will last for years. This type of sealer can “breathe,” so future reapplication won’t result in build up. As you can see in the AFTER images, this slate looks vibrant, clean, and new again. The homeowners were thrilled with the results.

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