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Client : Homeowner in Phoenix, AZ
Info : Flagstone cleaning and sealing

Problem: Faded Flagstone

Surrounding a Phoenix, AZ home in the prestigious Arizona Biltmore Estates was a worn and faded flagstone patio. The homeowner was not happy with the way the stone had lost most of its color. The sun and elements had taken a toll on the flagstone.

Sample Cleaning and Estimate

Beyond Stone Solutions always provides free estimates. We like to encourage a sample to ensure we are meeting the homeowner’s expectations. We sent one of our technicians to do a sample cleaning and enhancing on one piece of flagstone, and after seeing the results, the homeowner was excited to schedule the work.

Solution: Clean and Color Enhancing Sealer

First, we used a powerful acid mixture to deep clean the flagstone. After all the residue was removed, we immediately neutralized the flagstone to restore the pH balance.

After allowing the flagstone to dry, we saturated it with a Dry Treat premium color enhancing sealer, to bring out the natural stone color and provide exceptional protection in the harsh Arizona environment. This process enhanced the color of the stone and left the surface with a beautiful matte finish. This process will provide superior protection against the absorption of water and oils and keep the flagstone looking beautiful for years.

Dry Treat Stone Sealers

About Dry Treat

Most sealers and enhancers used on exterior surfaces in Arizona will break down and fade within a couple of years. The reason we prefer using Dry Treat sealers on exterior surfaces is that it can be expected to last much longer before another application is needed (although it is still recommended to be professionally deep cleaned every one to two years). There are some Dry Treat sealers that come with five, fifteen, or twenty-five year written warranties against the absorption of water and oil, but only if the sealer is applied by a Dry Treat accredited applicator and a regular cleaning schedule is maintained. Beyond Stone Solutions is a Dry Treat accredited applicator, and we will be happy to provide proof of treatment for your records, as well as answer any questions you may have about Dry Treat sealers and products.

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