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Client : Homeowners in Phoenix, AZ
Info : Travertine floors deep cleaned and sealed

Dirty Travertine Floors and Grout Lines

Homeowners from Phoenix, Arizona were dissatisfied with the appearance of their travertine floors. From busy areas like the entryway and kitchen to the dining room and hallway to the garage, dirt and grime had accumulated, especially in the grout lines. They contacted the experts at Beyond Stone Solutions to give their floors some much-needed professional attention.

Our Travertine Deep Cleaning and Sealing Services

We generously applied professional cleaning solutions and allowed ample dwell time to soften embedded dirt and grime. The grout lines required some extra attention. We hand scrubbed them with a soft bristle brush to loosen and dislodge any stubborn contaminants. Our powerful yet safe floor machine enabled us to accomplish a deep cleaning simply not possible with regular sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing. Room by room, we targeted specific problem areas and deep cleaned the stone.

Our final step was to apply a commercial-grade sealer to inhibit staining.

The homeowners were impressed with the natural beauty of the floor, a welcoming sight after going too long between professional cleanings.

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