Dining Area Has Fresh, New Look


This kitchen and dining area floor was difficult to keep clean, because it was subject to high traffic and use. The Phoenix, AZ homeowners regularly cleaned and mopped the floor, and occasionally got down on their hands and knees and scrubbed the grout lines, but within a few days, the grout lines would inevitably look dirty again. They wanted to be able to do a quick sweep and damp mop and have clean, beautiful results, so they called Beyond Stone Solutions.


First, we thoroughly deep cleaned and sanitized the tile and grout lines to remove dirt and grime, as well as any mold or bacteria deep within the porous surface of the grout. After allowing ample drying time, we color sealed the grout lines. Not only did the color sealer make the grout lines stain resistant, but it filled in the microscopic holes where contaminants settle so that regular sweeping and mopping would become much more productive and achieve the results the homeowners wanted without all the effort.

The homeowners loved the way the floor instantly looked brand new again. They were especially happy when we told them there would be no more need to scrub the grout lines and were impressed with the constant-acting mildewcides and fungicides in the color sealer that will help ensure a healthier living environment.

To learn more about tile and grout cleaning and grout color sealing, visit this page and watch this short video.

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