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Client : Homeowners in Chandler, AZ
Info : Travertine deep cleaned and sealed

Travertine Looked Dirty and Dark

Homeowners in Chandler, Arizona reached out to us because the travertine floor in their kitchen had a dark and dirty appearance, even though it was routinely swept and mopped. It had been many years since the last professional deep cleaning. The homeowners also wanted the finish to have a little more reflectivity.

Our Professional Travertine Deep Cleaning Services

Our first step was to mask and protect the cabinets and walls around our work area, as well as the adjacent floors. Then, we saturated the travertine with our own concentrated, pH-balanced Natural Stone & Tile Cleaner. We allowed ample dwell time to soften any hardened buildup of dirt and grime. Our floor machine, mounted with special pads to scrub and flush out deeply embedded contaminants, made a dramatic difference in the cleanliness and appearance of the stone. Along the cabinets and in any tight corners where the machine would not reach, we hand scrubbed to achieve the same results.

Our final steps were to lightly polish the floor and apply a high-quality impregnating sealer.

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